Update: Wheel Contest

Here’s what people have chosen the color for new product until 1:30 pm today….so far!

Classic Red – 65
Evergreen – 45
Deep Royal (Blue) -81

BUT WE’RE NOT DONE YET! We still have more time until midnight tonight (EST). So continue participating in choosing the color till then.

Whoever choose one of those three colors will be entered in the wheel contest scheduled tomorrow (August 12, 2019) at 12 noon EST. The spinning arrow that points to the person will be a winner and this winner will receive a complimentary “new product”.

ASL Rose’s two earlier posts about this “new product” have some duplicated names. One name per participant will enter the contest. ♥️

To see about more details about this: https://aslrose.com/asl-rose-needs-your-help/


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