West Cinema Movie Theater in Cedartown, GA

We are planning for the upcoming GSD-Class of 1988 event next month, and everyone is welcome! Hope to see y’all there! ♥️

[Video Transcript]

Judy: Hello! I’m Judy Hayes (demonstrating name sign) and I was a treasurer for Georgia School for the Deaf-Class of 1988.

Adonia: Hello! I’m Adonia K. Smith (demonstrating name sign) and I was a secretary for GSD-Class of 1988. Plus, remember we had 30th Anniversary of GSD’s Class of 1988 reunion last year? Judy and I had co-chaired everything to make sure the reunion was running smoothly. Now that it is all done!

Judy: No more? Take a look at this place – West Cinema Movie Theater in Cedartown, GA…what’s up with this place?

Adonia: Remember the man named Linsay Darnall Jr., who had came to film us at the reunion last year? Maybe you were wondering what happened to videos and pictures he took of us? Good news, they’re all converted into a big video and it is ready to be shown for us at this theater. We’ll gather together at this theater to enjoy watching the movie, eating popcorn, drinking pop and reminiscing about the reunion (and good old days back in GSD too!) I’m curious, Judy. When will this be?

Judy: It’ll be on September 14th! We have reserved the date for the “movie”!

Adonia: What time?

Judy: 11am to 1pm!

Adonia: What’s the admission price?

Judy: For GSD-Class of 1988 members who can come, the admission is FREE – but, understand that if you bring your family members, friends or the significient others, they will have to pay the admission price. We’ll find out how much and let you know soon!

Adonia: The money collected will go to GSD Museum. All of you who want to come and enjoy watching the GSD-Class of 1988 reunion movie, you are welcome to come, and also to donate to support GSD Museum, too!

Judy: There’s more!

Adonia: What is this?

Judy: After the movie is over we’ll go eat out at the Zobra’s restaruant not far from here! So feel free to join for good food and to enjoy socializing with friends! (You’ll have to pay for the meals though.)

Adonia & Judy: So come on over! See you there!!

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