His name sign resembles a sign for “WATER.” He was a graduate of Maryland School for the Deaf, and he was buried in River Cemetery in Canton, GA. View the video to find out who he is, and what he had done for two Deaf schools: Georgia and Maryland! ♥️

[Video Transcript]

Adonia: Hello! See this tomb? *fingerspelling* M-c-C-a-n-l-e-s-s. Who’s that? The name is William Jesse McCanless, or “Bill”, and the name sign is “W” (similar to the sign for “water”). He established Deaf Boys Scouts troops in two Deaf schools, Georgia and Maryland. Also, his father built a “scout hut” at GSD too. William McCanless was very involved in Boy Scouts most of his life until his death at the age of 37 due to recurring illiness. He was buried in the River[view] Cemetery in Canton, GA, which is a nice place!

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