Warmup Exercise

Here is the warmup exercise! So y’all know what to expect in trivia game.

Please give your answer in comments under this post, not others’ posts or shared posts. It is because some posts are filtered out. So your answer can be counted here.

And when this post is made, it is timed for you to answer. You are allowed to answer for next 12 hours and I will type “TIME IS UP” with a correct answer in comments after your answers. But you answer after my comment “TIME IS UP” with a correct answer is not counted for prize contest.

Here’s the warmup exercise! Be sure to have fun…no worries if you don’t know the answer. We are still learning everyday about Deaf Schools and their history.

Name two Deaf schools that had their Deaf founders shared their same last name and their last name was Smith!

A. Wyoming School for the Deaf and Rhode Island School for the Deaf

B. Delaware School for the Deaf and Austine School for the Deaf (Vermont)

C. Ohio School for the Deaf and Oregon School for the Deaf

D. Kentucky School for the Deaf and Tennessee School for the Deaf

Go! Have fun learning! ♥️

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[Video Transcript]

Adonia: Hello! ASL Rose’s here, on a rainy day! But rain doesn’t stop me from posting today! So I’m here with a warm-up exercise for a trivia game, to give you an idea what it looks like and what you can do whenever I post a new trivia question on each stop while I’m on the trip.

Adonia: A warm-up exercise (demonstrating wrong concept of warmup exercise)…right? None…Ready to exercise! No. Warm-up exercise (demonstrating right concept), yes! Ok, before I started the game, remember I asked you earlier to put down where your school is from, what date you entered and graduated or withdrawn. That’s what I need to know before I travel on the first day to Washington, DC and also the last day when I get back home. That will be for a surprise prize later on. Also, I must inform you…please leave your comments in this very post, right here. Not under other people’s posts or shared posts – they don’t count, also because I can’t follow and can’t see every shared posts all over Facebook. Just under this ASL Rose post. It’ll be easier for me to count and keep track of the comments here. You can share this ASL Rose post and tell people about it if you want…that is fine. Thanks!

Adonia: So this game, I’ll show you what the practice game looks like. I’ll speak in ASL (and you can read the text below) one question:

Name two Deaf schools whose Deaf founders shared the same last name, which was Smith? Same as my last name, Smith!

You can figure out the correct answer from one of A, B, C, and D below.

And remember, when I posted this question right NOW, I will be timing this game for 12 hours. During the 12 hours you have an opportunity to give your correct answer in your comments. After a period of time, I will type “TIME IS UP” – that means the game is ended. But if you continue to reply with your answers after my comment “TIME IS UP” is posted, they will not be counted. As long as I did not say “TIME IS UP,” you can still comment until I say so. OK? Good luck, and have FUN!


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