Ursula Smith Donated $20

Look! Ursula Smith just now donated $20!

Here’s a video that was a part of an old ASL Rose website but was never shown publicly. Her presence in ASL is very sophisticated! ASL Rose still believes and stand by those true statements!

Description of a drawing seen at the beginning of this video: The word ASL is manually spelled, and the hands are bright red. The word English is mostly in silver and in block-like font, with pieces of paper and feather around it. Both words have several spotlights shining on them from the above. The drawing flips over to a young, slender, smiling, white female ASL speaker named Ursula Smith. Her dirty blonde hair is tied up in a ponytail tucked behind her head, and she is wearing an earth-colored folded scarf around her head. She is wearing a long-sleeved black shirt with a round collar and small ASL Rose logo on the chest. She is standing in front of a silvery-gray background with ASL Rose logo in the lower right corner. She speaks in ASL the paragraph shown below. The video is then reverted back to the same drawing as in the beginning. Artist: Paia Schroeder

Ursula is a perfect model of a full bilingual individual, and indeed, for she attended and graduated from a Deaf school! She is a definitely stellar Deaf School graduate! She has “stamped” and left a footprint at Alabama School for the Deaf (also known as Alabama Institute for Deaf and Blind), which is established in 1849 by a Deaf founder, by James A. Watterson!

(Watterson was the one who proposed to establish AIDB and he opened his private school before AIDB was first funded and incorporated in 1852. Today, AIDB only wants to recognize him as a first Deaf teacher in Alabama but not as a first founder or a first superintendent of AIDB. Which is a shame, for Watterson truly deserves the recognization as a first teacher, first founder AND first superintendent!)

Thank you for your donation, Ursula! Kindly send a selfie that will be a part of PB’s mosaic mural that will be displayed inside PB forever! ♥️

Ten percent from all purchased ASL Rose products will go to the National Deaf Schools Museum: https://aslrose.com/shop/

Please help make a dream come true in purchasing and turning the PB into three divisions: the future National Deaf Schools Museum, the housing for GSD Museum and ASL Rose: https://www.facebook.com/donate/436509450618919/?fundraiser_source=external_url


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