Updates About FB Fundraiser

Updates about FB Fundraiser and the location of ASL Rose studio ♥️

[Video Transcript]

Adonia: Hello, I’m here to share two things. First: Facebook (FB) fundraiser that I had been using with a goal to buy Primary Building (PB) – it turned out that it has three months limit, and so the fundraiser has expired. Does it mean it’s finished, no more fundraising? No, I will be using GoFundMe instead. It has no time limit, so I can use it continuously. But again, ASL Rose website has a “GIVE” page where you can donate through it. It’s a better option because there’s no fee included. But that is up to you to donate through “Give” page or through ASL Rose’s new GoFundMe page. You can also meet me in person and donate directly to me in cash. Or mail the check to ASL Rose, that is fine. To write a check to ASL Rose (for Primary Building), the address is:
ASL Rose Company
P.O. Box 160
Cave Spring, GA 30124

Thanks so much for donating and supporting you are all so wonderful! Keep donating until we succeed in buying the Primary Building, I know we will!

And second: this will be my last time I’m sitting here in this area. I will be moving to another place where I will stay indefinitely. You’ll see what it looks like later on. See you at there next time. Bye!


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