Last copy of Special Limited Edition Deaf Cinderella. (Update: SOLD OUT!)

Update: SOLD OUT! ♥️

This is your chance to grab the last copy of limited edition Deaf Cinderella that includes the signatures of the creative team members on both hardcover copy and three posters! (To collect the signatures, the book and posters had traveled in the mail from Georgia, California, Indiana, Michigan and Washington before returning to Adonia!) Thank you for all of your love, support and encouragement! ♥️

[Video Transcript]

Adonia: Hello! See this book? This is the last limited edition copy of Deaf Cinderella that includes autographs from five members of ASL Rose creative team and also three Deaf Cinderella-related posters. Again, this is the last copy of limited edition package. Let me show you what it looks like inside the book. See the autographs? Also, let me show you what the posters look like. See the autographs on the front of the poster. It says “Support Deaf schools,” and “For our future Deaf generations.”

Adonia: Here’s another poster. It has the autographs too, and it says, “Perserve…History…Deaf school museums” and “please donate.” And here’s the third poster, with the autographs and it says, “All signed languages are languages too!” See the characters …one is fingerspelling J-S-L (Japanese Sign Language), the other fingerspells A-S-L (American Sign Language), and the last one P-R-S-L (Puerto Rican Sign Language). There’s a blurb on the back, which says, “All signed languages are languages in their own right. Because they are not spoken does not mean they are any less.” That’s true! The QR code, when scanned, will have ASL video of the same blurb. ( All posters has blurbs and QR codes in the back).

Adonia: Let me go back to the other poster, “Perserve Deaf school museums.” In the back it says, “Deaf Cinderella and her friends ask you to keep our precious stories alive by donating to a new national Deaf schools museum and some of your personal memorabilia (such as yearbooks, class rings, etc.) to your local Deaf school museum.”

Adonia: In that poster, “Support Deaf Schools,” the blurb in the back says, “Keep our Deaf Schools across the USA alive…they are the best resource for our future Deaf generations. Support Deaf schools!”

Adonia: You like? This is limited edition copy – the LAST copy left now. Want it? Come get it!

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