Update on Deaf Cinderella

Getting love from Baylee was best! This is an update on Deaf Cinderella. Your love and patience are very much appreciated!♥️

[Video transcript]

Adonia (to Baylee): Thanks for your love, Baylee! Ok, hello! It’s been quite a while – maybe a month – since I sit down on my red chair! Indeed a long time. How’s everything with you? Why am I here talking with you? Right, an update on the Deaf Cinderella book. This is the very last copy of the softcover book. The hardcover version are all out of stock right now. But luckily I’ve already ordered reprints and they should be here this Monday. Some of you who recently ordered a copy for yourselves last week and were waiting and wondering about it, you can be reassured the copies will arrive on Monday, and I’ll mail them out this Tuesday to the customers who ordered them. And that’s an update for you! Thanks! Bye!

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