Time For Fun Activities! Ready?

(chanting) (chanting) (chanting) Deaf Schools, Deaf Schools….Go, Go…Deaf Schools, Deaf Schools! (chanting) (chanting) (chanting)

Time for fun activities! Ready? ♥️

[Video Transcript]

Adonia: Hello! Fall is here now, the leaves are starting to fall! It’s also football game time, too! Right? You know how Deaf people at Gallaudet (or other Deaf school) football games like to chant famous song repeatedly, for example, “(chanting) (chanting) (chanting) Deaf Schools, Deaf Schools m…Go, Go…Deaf Schools, Deaf Schools! (chanting) (chanting) (chanting).” Yes, I’m sure you knew that. So right now fall means football season, family, friends, socializing and having a good time.

Adonia: So, I’m here with two things I wanted to tell you; first, I wanted to let you know that my former classmate, now longtime friend, and I are planning to travel from Georgia to Gallaudet University in DC next week. We will be making short stops on the way to DC…likewise when we return to GA too. So why are I telling you this? Because we will have…TRIVIA GAME! What does it mean? When we are traveling to Gallaudet, I will be posting a few times as a part of trivia game, either with a message or a video, in which I will ask some questions and provide several answers to each of them – three will be wrong answers but one will be the correct answer.

Adonia: What will you do? I’ll explain. First, we will be traveling to DC and back. Second, how you will be participating in the trivia game. Right now, though, I’ll need to ask you to leave a comment here the name of your school and if you have graduated, or withdrawn without graduating. Alumni means you graduated or you attended and left. Also in your comment, what year you entered and the year you graduated or withdrawn halfway through the school year. I’ll explain why. I will come up with the next “x” numbers of trivia questions – maybe 6, maybe 10, I don’t know, depending on how the trip goes (I’ll say 10 trivia question for example) – through video or a message. I’ll continue posting each trivia question all the way to DC, and continue on until I get back home in Georgia. Between the trips, if you give the correct answer (and also participate in answering EVERY single trivia question) starting with this very video, right now.

Adonia: When I get back to Georgia I’ll post the last trivia question. Then I’ll look at your comments and rally up all your answers based on if you participated in every video/message. If some of you got all the right answers, I will put your names in a spinning wheel (kinda like Wheel of Fortunate). Whenever your name come up first will receive a surprise prize. Whether it will be something new or that is already existed in our ASL Rose store, I don’t know but it will definitely be a surprise.

Adonia: So, that’s my announcement…with my trip to DC and your participation in a trivia game. Don’t forget to write name of your school, what year you entered and the year you graduated or withdrawn. Thanks, I’ll see you with my posts on each stop during my round trip. It’s going to be exciting! Bye!


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