Swimming Pool in Cave Springs

Wanna see one picture from the Deaf Cinderella book showing a place that is exactly same as where I am standing right now? Cave Spring’s world natural spring swimming pool! ♥️

[Video Transcript]

Adonia: Hey, take a look at this pool. Where is it? A natural spring swimming pool in Cave Spring (CS)! Truly, it’s the world’s largest natural spring swimming pool. Imagine! In a small city like Cave Spring! Yes! And standing right in front across from the pool is GSD’s oldest building, Fannin Hall!

Adonia: Oh, and take a look at this Deaf Cinderella book. Inside is a picture showing the background exactly as this place here! And this swimming pool is 1.5 acres – that’s pretty large! Again, it is the world’s largest natural spring swimming pool. And the natural water comes from the city in Cave Spring. That’s why it is call Cave Spring swimming pool! Neat, isn’t it? One other thing is that the swimming pool is shaped like a state of Georgia (from a bird’s eye)! Pretty cool.

Adonia: So many interesting things around here in Cave Spring…Primary Building (PB)…all are worth visiting! And there’s more stories about Cave Spring I haven’t shared yet! Thanks, and bye!

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