Speechless here – Want to share this exciting news with you that ASL Rose has been selected as 2020 Best of Frederick (Maryland – where ASL Rose, LLC was incorporated) in the category of Educational Services. Thank you very much, Fredrick Award Program, for such a honor! Still speechless here….♥️

[Video Transcript]

Adonia: Hello! I’m here to share some exciting news for you. Last week on Monday I got an email from someone in Maryland who informed me I would be receiving something special. When it arrived, I found out that ASL Rose was chosen as 2020 best of Frederick (in Maryland, where ASL Rose was incorporated…also where Maryland School for the Deaf is located) for educational services! I was so surprised! It was so awesome. Let me show you what my award looks like. It’s so nice. *shows award* Wow! Really nice. Let me bring my award close up so you can see it better. *shows award again* It’s lovely. I’m just speechless. I wanted to thank the city of Frederick for choosing ASL Rose company and awarding it the 2020 Best of Frederick for educational services! Thanks so much! I love you! And thanks for all your support, love and encouragement! Bye!


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