Showcase ASL Rose Products For Thanksgiving

ASL Rose will showcase ASL Rose products and list why we are thankful for Deaf Schools starting now (Wednesday, November 20th) until Friday, November 29th midnight EST. 

🛒 Shop now through Black Friday, November 29th Midnight EST 🛒

Here’s ASL Rose Deals For You:

1. FREE SHIPPING on your order of ASL Rose over $100 from now (Wednesday, November 20th) through Black Friday, November 29 Midnight EST

2. WIN A PRIZE if you participate in the following “Thankful for Deaf Schools” activity:

a. clicking LIKE ASL ROSE page

b. making a comment under EVERY post in this “Thankful for Deaf Schools” activity (Wednesday, November 20th through Black Friday, November 29)

c. Then your names will be added in the spinning wheel. The name of the winner that show up will get a poster of vintage Deaf Schools in America.

10% of proceeds go to a new national Deaf schools museum

Donate for a future national Deaf School museum:

Thank you for shopping ASL Rose! And thank you for being a wonderful ASL Rose fan! Have fun participating in this activity to win the prize! ♥️


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