Sandra Evers Donated $1000

Whooooo hoooo!!! Sandra Evers, a stellar graduate of Georgia School for the Deaf, just donated $1,000! See the video what her benefits are for her donation. ♥️

[Video Transcript]

Adonia: Hello! I want to tell you exciting news…a fan named Sandra Evers donated $1,000 to support purchasing Primary Building! Thanks so much Sandra! How will that benefit her? Remember I explained about collecting and arranging your selfies in varying sizes to make a large moasic featuring Primary Building? Sandra’s selfie will be in the mosaic, plus her name will be engraved on the other side of a brick wall. I love the brick wall inside a building, it looks really awesome. So, the large mosaic will hang there, plus the name – SANDRA EVERS – will be engraved on the first brick for all to see! It’ll be only for those who donated $1,000 to $4,999. Anyone who wants to donate, here’s your opportunity! Thanks again, Sandra! I hope the goal will be reached before GSD’s 175th anniversary! Thanks soooo much for all your love, support and encouragement! ILY!

Donate to purchase the PB for three spaces: the future National Deaf Schools Museum, the housing for GSD Museum and ASL Rose:

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