Ricky and Donna Farris Winners

Here’s an announcement of two prize winners during Thankful for Deaf Schools week. Watch and find out! Thank you, everyone, for being a loyal ASL Rose fan. ♥️

[Video Transcript]

Adonia: Hello! The reason I’m here to tell you who won the prize during the Thankful for Deaf Schools (also Black Friday Deal) Week. Now, the winners are: Ricky and Donna Farris! They have participated in the game and giving their answers in their comments (and “liked” every ASL Rose post) during the week. Thank you, Ricky and Donna. The prize you won – I’ll show you. It’s a poster of vintage Deaf Schools. Congratulations, Ricky and Donna! Thanks for participating and for supporting ASL Rose!

Adonia: And for those who bought ASL Rose products during the Thankful for Deaf Schools week and also Black Friday deal, thank you all very much for ordering! The 10% of purchases goes to support National Deaf School Museum. Thanks again. Now, keep an eye out for this Tuesday’s Give-Back activities! So stay tuned! Bye!


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