Reaching $2K, Erickson Young Donated $85

Whooooo hoo! Reaching $2K now! Erikson Young just now donated $85! 

Erikson has double blessings that are rare; an alumnus of a Deaf School and a Deaf university – where everyone speaks ASL/SL!  

Erikson is a 1998 graduate of GSD and a 2003 graduate of Gallaudet University! Awesome that we share the double blessings too…the very same Deaf school and only one Deaf liberal arts university in the world! I am a 1988 graduate of GSD and a 1995 graduate of Gallaudet University (a loyal member of Gallaudet-Class of 1994).

Plus, we had the very same favorite English teacher who speaks ASL and is Deaf in our high school years! Erikson had her in early 2000s while I had her in mid-1980s! Our favorite English teacher was also a 1967 graduate of GSD and a 1972 graduate of Gallaudet University! We stamped our footprints on the very same campuses of GSD and Gallaudet! Rare!

Thank you, Erikson, for your donation! ♥️

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