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These wonderful posters spotlight special parts of our Deaf Studies and Deaf heritage. They are printed on glossy, sturdy paper and will make an excellent addition to any home, office, or classroom. The first on a green background with the remark that ASL is a gift! Second comes our hearing Ally, McCay Vernon, who refuted Aristotle’s incorrect findings regarding the intelligence of Deaf people. Finally, but not least, prepare too have your eyes opened by what Deaf Studies has contributed to the world with the poster “Without Deaf History.”

Collect them all and show the world your pride and love for Deaf Studies!

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The posters are printed on glossy card stock. Dimensions of each are below.

ASL is a Gift! 10″ by 13″

Our Hearing Ally 11″ by 11″

Without Deaf History 11″ by 11″

Allies and supporters

ASL learners

Deaf babies through 12th grade

Deaf and hearing interpreters for their toolkit

Friends of Deaf people

History and Deaf history majors

Multilingual Deaf people learning ASL

Parents of Deaf children


Service providers and experts working with Deaf people

Teachers and practicing teachers of Deaf children

And many more people

ASL is a Gift!

Our Hearing Ally

Without Deaf History

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Dimensions 18 × 2 × 2 in

10% of proceeds go to a new national Deaf schools museum