Limited Edition Deaf Cinderella Package

For a limited time, get the Deaf Cinderella book and all three posters with characters from the book autographed by all of the people on the creative team behind this book!

Book: “Deaf Cinderella,” adapted from a classic fairy tale with a Deaf twist by Adonia K. Smith and illustrated by Maureen Klusza tells the story in both spoken American Sign Language, presented by Jenna Smith, and printed English of a young Deaf woman called Deaf Cinderella who speaks in American Sign Language, grew up in a Deaf school, and is a proud part of the American Deaf culture. Children of all ages will enjoy reading this timeless fairy tale and learning about the unique world Deaf Cinderella lives in.

Stamped with the ASL Rose Bilingual Seal, showing that the information is presented in spoken ASL and written English, the book includes a QR code for purchasers to view the tale in ASL.

Bonus: Special webpage linked to the book has more information, including sample lesson plans.

Poster: A poster with a proclamation: all signed languages are indeed languages, too! Hang this for all to see! The poster is illustrated with characters from Deaf Cinderella.

Poster: Deaf school museums play a vital role in preserving Deaf history. We must preserve them. This poster is illustrated with characters and artifacts from Deaf Cinderella and beckons people to donate to local Deaf school museum or a new national Deaf schools museum.

Poster: A nifty poster calling call people to turn attention to supporting Deaf schools! The poster is illustrated with the characters from Deaf Cinderella.


The hard cover each Deaf Cinderella book has 60 pages of illustrations, English text, and a QR code to view the tale in ASL.

Posters are printed on 18″X12″ glossy card stock.

Allies and supporters

ASL learners

Deaf babies through 12th grade

Deaf and hearing interpreters for their toolkit

Friends of Deaf people

History and Deaf history majors

Multilingual Deaf people learning ASL

Parents of Deaf children


Service providers and experts working with Deaf people

Teachers and practicing teachers of Deaf children

And many more people

Autographed hardcover edition of Deaf Cinderella with autographs

Autographed All Signed Languages are Languages Too Poster

Autographed Deaf School Museums Poster

Autographed Support Deaf Schools Poster

Additional information

Weight 16 oz
Dimensions 8.5 × 11 × .5 in

10% of proceeds go to a new national Deaf schools museum