Calendar Kit: ASL-English Bilingual-Bicultural


Daily calendar time comes alive when using the ASL-English Bilingual-Bicultural Calendar Kit! The calendar kit will provide your children, students, and ASL learners of all ages with terrific visual aids for use in the classroom, home, or any other place.


The calendar kit includes printed cards showing ASL signs and printed English words for months, years, days of the month, days of the week, YTT (Y=Yesterday, T=Today, T=Tomorrow), and a blue hanging pocket chart. The blue hanging pocket chart has six rows to the hold days of the week and days of month cards. It has a top row to demonstrate month and year cards, as well as a bottom row to store the rest of the cards.

Sizes of cards:

Months of the year: 5″X16″

Years: 5″X8″

Days of the month, days of the week, YTT: 3″X3″

The calendar kit is worth $205, you save $55 if order it as a whole package!

If you prefer to buy specific parts of the calendar separately or if you need replacement cards, view these products: months cards, years cards, days of the month cards, days of the week cards or YTT cards.

There are several add-on packages that can also be used in the calendar and are purchased separately:
Deaf Holidays
Federal Holidays
Common Celebrated Holidays and Observances
School Events
Birth of Deaf Schools
Season-Related Changes

Created by Adonia K. Smith
Illustrated by Tamara Davidson

Additional information

Weight 48 oz
Dimensions 18 × 14 × 4 in

10% of proceeds go to a new national Deaf schools museum