Calendar Cards: ASL-English Bilingual-Bicultural Deaf Holiday (Group #2)


The ASL-English Bilingual-Bicultural Deaf Holiday Calendar Cards are here! What are the Deaf Holidays? Those holidays have not been formally recognized as the official national holidays worldwide. However, we in Deaf and ASL communities do celebrate them in many settings, because the cards contain significant historical events in Deaf History that are important to us. Those cards of Deaf holidays are be used with the calendar package, and can be put in the pocket of the calendar.



A single card of any chosen Deaf holiday can be purchased at $15 or a complete pack of 11 cards can be purchased for $95 (print only.)

The cards of Deaf Holidays are listed as available:

Deaf President Now Week (girl)
National ASL Day
In Honor of ASL-speaking Deaf Schools
Thomas Hopkins Gallaudet’s Birthday
Laurent Clerc’s Birthday
International Day of Sign Languages
National Deaf Dog Awareness Week
NAD’s National Deaf Youth Day
Lawrence R. “Larry” Fleischer’s Birthday
Clerc-Gallaudet Week
Marie Phillip’s Birthday
(NOTE: To choose a single card, please click on the option button and it will display a drop-down menu.)

There are 3″x 3″ glossy, sturdy cards showing the Deaf holidays in both ASL and English text. They are designed to be inserted in appropriate slots or stand up on their own. You will be able to easily copy the signs and practice with these cards. These cards will make an excellent addition to any home, office, or classroom and can be used either as cards or posters.

The new card of Deaf holiday will be added from time to time. If there is a Deaf holiday that you want to be included (check to see whether it has been approved, and if it fits under this category), you may make a request here.

This package is separate from the calendar package. However, the cards of Deaf holidays can be used in the calendar at school, home or any other events. If you want to buy the whole calendar package to go with the Deaf holiday Cards, click here.

There are several packages that also can be used in the calendar:
1. Federal Holidays
2. Common Celebrated Holiday and Observances
3. School Events
4. Birth of Deaf Schools
5. Season-Related Changes

Created by Adonia K. Smith
Illustrated by Tamara Davidson

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Dimensions 3 × 3 in

Pack of 11, Deaf President Now Week (girl), National ASL Day, In Honor of ASL-speaking Deaf Schools, Thomas Hopkins Gallaudets Birthday, Laurent Clercs Birthday, International Day of Sign Languages, National Deaf Dog Awareness Week, NADs National Deaf Youth Day, Lawrence R. "Larry" Fleischers Birthday, Clerc-Gallaudet Week, Marie Phillips Birthday

10% of proceeds go to a new national Deaf schools museum