ASL Students says Deaf Cinderella Rocks ❤️

Here’s the fabulous students who are learning ASL in their community classes taught by China Weaver in Carrollton (which is about an hour’s drive away from Cedartown/Cave Spring). They wanted the whol...Read More

Mary Beth Miller Passed Away last Monday (August 5th)

One of my favorite children’s books and it was published in 1974! ♥️ Rest In Peace, Mary Beth Miller

Bilingual star models ❤️

Look at those bilingual star models! Those are the videos that are accompanied by ASL Rose’s bilingual products. Are you also a bilingual or multi bilingual? Name your spoken language and your nationa...Read More

Georganne Crowe Receives a copy of Deaf Cinderella

Two Deaf schools and the only one Deaf college in the world are mentioned in Deaf Cinderella book. Many of you know that one of Deaf schools mentioned is Georgia School for the Deaf. There are not man...Read More


ASL Rose just hit 5000 Facebook page likes! Thank you all very much for your support! You ALL rock! As you know we respect ASL/SL just as equally as all other spoken languages! We celebrate Deaf cultu...Read More

A Message from Tressie Mitchell

Thank you, Tressie Mitchell!❤️ From Tressie Mitchell: I strongly encourage you who have kids to order this Deaf Cinderella Book and it would be awesome for kids to read this book. I did order this for...Read More


Congratulations to the first three winners (see pictures)! ♥️ Each copy of Deaf Cinderella book will be given to a student of each school (winner). Thank you, Scott Ward and an anonymous friend for th...Read More

The first three winners?

Who do you think the first three winners will be? Find out tonight at 8 pm EST! The three copies of the Deaf Cinderella book will be donated to those winners. Grab your time to type the future winner ...Read More

Visiting Deaf Schools in 1990s

A short glance through my scrapbook of my journey across the nation to visit Deaf Schools in 1990s: I FINISH TOUCH (or “have been to”) most of the Deaf Schools in US! Only a few Deaf schoo...Read More

Deaf Cinderella got a male fan

Deaf Cinderella got a male fan! I want to say something about Deaf Cinderella …it is written for ALL people, no matter what age or gender….what matters is that fans, both female or male, y...Read More