Donate for PB Building

It has been raining a lot in Cave Spring, the heart town of Georgia School for the Deaf! Primary Building (PB) will be happier if you bring out a bright ray light of the sun in form of donations. Any ...Read More

Lana Dove Donated $50

Yayyyy! My dear friend, Lana Dove, just donated $50! Lana and I shared a special bond….we used to live next town from each other in Maryland! We became good friends since then. I am so proud of ...Read More

Happy President’s Day

Want to see a few tidbits about Deaf people that were connected to our US President from the past? Enjoy! Happy Presidents’ Day! ♥️ [Video transcript] Adonia: Hello! I’m here today to say Happy ...Read More

PB Says Good Morning

The Primary Building (PB) says, “Good Morning!” ♥️ 10 percent from all purchased ASL Rose products ( will go to the National Deaf Schools Museum, and we also welcome ANY amount of...Read More

Happy Valentine’s Day

Happy Valentine’s Day! You are very much loved! And we love Deaf Schools…wouldn’t you, too? Remember Deaf Schools are gems; they provide direct access to ASL curriculum at schools. ASL is ...Read More

Three Beautiful Ladies Wearing ASL Rose Shirts

ASL Rose is so thrilled to receive a surprise: a picture of three beautiful ladies wearing ASL Rose shirts! Thank you, Linda Lugo, very much for sharing the picture with us! ASL Rose DOES love the sur...Read More

An Anonymous Donated $30

Whoo hoo! An anonymous person donated $30 in person today! Anyone who wants to donate but prefers to keep their names and selfies private, they can be listed as anonymous. The donor marked as Anonymou...Read More

Shout Red!

Let’s shout RED! Post any gif that shows some red in your comments here! So we can all feel loved and share the celebration of Valentine’s Day in honor of our legacy Deaf Schools and their leaders of ...Read More

PB is Crying With Rain

This Primary Building (PB) is crying along with a lot of rain this past week, and the forecast for the next two weeks is more rain. PB says it wants to look and feel healthy and great again. So far, $...Read More

You Are Loved by ASL Rose ♥️

Red! That means full of love! You are so much loved by ASL Rose, and indeed by Baylee too! As Valentine’s Day is approaching, feel and show LO♥️E to the world! ♥️ 10 percent from all purchased ASL Ros...Read More