Please Help Make Dream Come True

Isn’t it gorgeous? ♥️ —— Please help make dream come true of purchasing and turning the PB into three divisions: the future National Deaf Schools Museum, a new home for GSD Museum and a studio/store f...Read More

Laurent Clerc

I am posing with this highly respected teacher, Laurent Clerc. Clerc was the one who taught two Deaf Georgians – the Flournoy brothers. John J. Flournoy inspired us when he proposed to establish...Read More

Merry Christmas, Everyone

The red! Merry Christmas, everyone! ♥️ (Can you find the Santa’s helper, Baylee?) #ASLRose

Grace Donated $100

Look! My best friend, Grace donated $100 as a gift! One of my best Christmas gifts! Thank you very much, Grace Ann Laird-Shaffer! ♥️ #ASLRose More

Holiday Wishes from ASL Rose

May your dreams come true this holiday season. Holiday Wishes from ASL Rose! ♥️ #ASLRose

Ricky and Donna Farris Showed Their Prize

Ricky and Donna Farris are showcasing their prize which is a Deaf Schools poster they won in the contest during the Thanksgiving-“Thankful for Deaf Schools” Black Deal week. Ricky is a graduate of KY ...Read More

Purchase PB for the National Deaf Schools Museum

It would be one of BEST lifetime gifts for ASL Rose: The purchasing of PB for the National Deaf Schools Museum, GSD Museum and ASL Rose Studio/Store! View the video and see one of reasons why we shoul...Read More

Almira C. (Peugh) Carruthers

This gravestone belongs to Almira C. (Peugh) Carruthers and her husband James Carruthers. Almira was one of early GSD students when GSD opened in 1846. She was the only female student in class. Before...Read More

Christmas is Ten Days Away

Christmas is only ten days away. Santa can deliver a copy of Deaf Cinderella book to you under your Christmas tree….only if you believe in Santa, do you? BELIEVE, and your wishes will come true!...Read More

GSD’s First Graders in 1976

This is a picture of GSD’s first graders at the very same building – the Primary Building (PB) in the fall of 1976. I know almost all of those GSD students had stories and fond memories of that ...Read More