ASL Rose Clothes Coming!

Be ready to wear ASL Rose clothes when they are ready! Here is the update...And agree with ASL Rose's support! ❤️[Video transcript]Adonia: Whee! But you probably wonder what's up with that? There's no...Read More

Showcase: Birth of Deaf Schools Calendar Cards!

Showcasing one of ASL Rose’s ‘Birth of Deaf Schools’ calendar cards…❤️ Feel the quality. Feel the love. Feel the Deaf School. 10% of proceeds go to a new national Deaf schools ...Read More

The Numbers…ZERO!

Look at the numbers! Zero - yes, you read the number 0 here!The big !0! of known Deaf graduates with the Seal of Biliteracy in spoken ASL and written English in USA!

New Feature at ASL Rose Website: ASL Rose News

ASL Rose stays busy all the time! All #ASLRose news will be added at ASL Rose website from time to time. They will be connected to ASL Rose's Facebook page, too.

Deaf Cinderella Settings

As a licensed teacher, I know that when teaching and telling a story, there are important elements included such as a setting. Find out where two places are in the story of Deaf Cinderella. [transcr...Read More

Our Deaf Leaders and Teachers

Alabama: James A. Watterson, Alaska: pending, Arizona: Henry C. White, Sam Supalla, Arkansas: John W. Woodward, Matthew Clark, Joseph Mount, California: Perry E. Seely, so on...Wisconsin: Wealthy Hawe...Read More

Deaf Cinderella in ASL Rose store NOW!❤️

Adonia: The midnight hour has arrived, and the spell is broken. What does that mean? That means Deaf Cinderella book is now available in ASL Rose store! FYI, The book has 60 pages, and includes a full...Read More

Sneak Peek of “Deaf Cinderella” Book

A quick sneak peek of the new upcoming book, "Deaf Cinderella" and when you can order it. ♥️ [Video transcript] Adonia: I want to say thanks for all your support about the book, "Deaf Cinderella"! T...Read More

Deaf Cinderella is Here!

Deaf Cinderella books FINALLY arrived!

Sneak Peek: Deaf Cinderella Narration

ASL Rose has been busy! Take a peek who is presenting the story in ASL. It?s Jenna Smith as a narrative storyteller! Sara Bianco is the editor of both languages: spoken ASL and written English of this...Read More