A Closer Look at the Deaf Cinderella Book

Take a close look at the background in the cover of the book, Deaf Cinderella. What do you see? ♥️ #aslrose

Updates on Deaf Cinderella Books

This is to update for those who already ordered for Deaf Cinderella. The package of books was supposed to arrive at my place yesterday, but it isn’t. Yet. I am already leaving for the airport, so the ...Read More

A Challenge for You to Support National Deaf Schools Museum

Share away! Support and donate National Deaf schools Museum! Share away! ♥️ [Video transcript] Adonia: Hello everyone! It sure feels like a long time since I see you last time! So as you know, first o...Read More

“Deaf?!” Jadelyn’s Reaction to Deaf Cinderella Book

I love the pictures and videos of people getting their own copy of Deaf Cinderella book! Thank you, Rose Crouch, for your order! It was so kind of you to give it to Jadelyn (who is a student at Oklaho...Read More

Good-bye Prague!

ASL Rose says thank you to Prague! We had fun! ♥️

A Brief History of Prague Deaf School ❤️

A brief history of the fifth oldest public Deaf school in the world: Prague Deaf School! ❤️ [Video Transcript] ADONIA: I’m here at Prague Deaf School in Prague and I’ll be talking about ho...Read More

Adonia and friends at another Prague Deaf School

Adonia K. Smith, Marika Robinson and Sara Bianco at another Prague Deaf School (est. 1926) ♥️