A Message from Tressie Mitchell

Thank you, Tressie Mitchell!❤️ From Tressie Mitchell: I strongly encourage you who have kids to order this Deaf Cinderella Book and it would be awesome for kids to read this book. I did order this for...Read More


Congratulations to the first three winners (see pictures)! ♥️ Each copy of Deaf Cinderella book will be given to a student of each school (winner). Thank you, Scott Ward and an anonymous friend for th...Read More

The first three winners?

Who do you think the first three winners will be? Find out tonight at 8 pm EST! The three copies of the Deaf Cinderella book will be donated to those winners. Grab your time to type the future winner ...Read More

Visiting Deaf Schools in 1990s

A short glance through my scrapbook of my journey across the nation to visit Deaf Schools in 1990s: I FINISH TOUCH (or “have been to”) most of the Deaf Schools in US! Only a few Deaf schoo...Read More

Deaf Cinderella got a male fan

Deaf Cinderella got a male fan! I want to say something about Deaf Cinderella …it is written for ALL people, no matter what age or gender….what matters is that fans, both female or male, y...Read More

ASL Rose’s “DO” Action and a Challenge

UPDATE: Congratulations to the first three winners: Arkansas SD, Tennessee SD-Knoxville and Alabama SD! ♥️ ————- Scott Ward and an anonymous friend did a “DO” action! See what they didR...Read More

Deaf Cinderella Books have arrived!

The books are here! They are ready to be shipped out, so order your own copy QUICKLY before they run out again! ♥️ 10% proceedings go to new national ...Read More

Last copy of Special Limited Edition Deaf Cinderella. (Update: SOLD OUT!)

Update: SOLD OUT! ♥️ ———- This is your chance to grab the last copy of limited edition Deaf Cinderella that includes the signatures of the creative team members on both hardcover copy and three poster...Read More

Baylee and I at the ASL Rose Studio

Baylee and I hanging out at ASL Rose Studio!

300-piece puzzle: guess what it is!

It’s 300-piece puzzle! If put together what do you think the picture will look like? ❤️ #ASLRose