Reading a Short Deaf history

One of ways to support speaking ASL stories for Deaf children/adults and ASL learners during coronavirus pandemic: reading a short Deaf history around the world, focusing on Deaf schools and their gra...Read More


His name sign resembles a sign for “WATER.” He was a graduate of Maryland School for the Deaf, and he was buried in River Cemetery in Canton, GA. View the video to find out who he is, and ...Read More

Signs of Daffodils

Daffodils are often a sign that spring is coming! And the Primary Building (PB) is finally happy to see the sunny day today! PB wants to be bought SOON so it can be a National Deaf School Museum, a ho...Read More

Updates About FB Fundraiser

Updates about FB Fundraiser and the location of ASL Rose studio ♥️ [Video Transcript] Adonia: Hello, I’m here to share two things. First: Facebook (FB) fundraiser that I had been using with a go...Read More

Three Anonymous Donated Today

Whoo hoo! Three Anonymous donors donated today: First anonymous A donated $40. Second anonymous B donated $20. And the third anonymous C donated $40! That made $100 in total! It’s been raining a...Read More

Donna Smolik Donated $25

Donna (McCord) Smolik, a stellar 1975 graduate of North Carolina School for the Deaf, donated $25 as a tribute to Patsy Lee Cail who was killed in a car accident in 1976. She was a stellar 1975 gradua...Read More

Roosevelt Odom, Jr Donated $25

Waving hands! Roosevelt Odom, Jr., nicknamed Spunky, donated $25! He was a 1977 stellar graduate of old Black school at North Carolina School for the Deaf – the VERY FIRST Black school in Americ...Read More

Leap Day

Today is Leap Day – February 29th. It symbolizes four parts: abundance, freedom, optimism, and growth. Find out how they are applied to the Primary Building (PB). I leaped by donating $100 today...Read More

Donna Farris Donated $100

Yayyyy! Donna (Smith) Farris donated $100! She is an alumni of four Deaf Schools: Georgia, Florida, Kentucky and North Carolina. A secret to a lifetime friendship is through Deaf Schools! Find out how...Read More

Happy Birthday to Baylee

Whose birthday is today? Join me and sing a birthday song in ASL with me! ♥️ [ Video Transcript] Adonia: Hello! I’m here at the ASL Rose studio with Baylee – see her? Guess whose birthday?...Read More