Job Turner A Stellar 1839 Graduate of ASD

All about Job Turner, a stellar 1839 graduate of America School for the Deaf (Hartford, Connecticut) who became the first Deaf teacher at Virginia School for the Deaf and Blind in 1839…view to f...Read More

Trivia Game #9

Trivia Game #9 Name two Deaf schools, when they opened for the first time, went through the first three Deaf superintendents consecutively. A. Oklahoma School for the Deaf and Indiana School for the D...Read More

Satu Worseck Got A Deaf Cinderella Book

Satu Worseck, a member of Gallaudet-Class of 1994, flew all the way to Gallaudet from her home country, Finland, for our 25th class reunion. She is a stellar Deaf School graduate in Finland, too! She ...Read More


Simply ♥️ #ASLRose

Trivia Game #8

Trivia Game #8 Name at least four Deaf schools that had first founders but would not recognize them, and only recognized the second founders as their sole founders. A. Alabama SD, Clerc Center in DC, ...Read More

Lifetime Friends And Precious Memories at Gallaudet University

For those who are getting ready to start studying at the college, you will NEVER find a Deaf liberal arts college anywhere that offer you lifetime friends and precious memories that will last forever!...Read More

The Home of Gallaudet- Class of 1994

The home of Gallaudet-Class of 1994 — There’s no place like a home like Gallaudet University, the world’s only Deaf ASL/SL-speaking Deaf university! I am proud we are making a HISTORY! ♥️ #Gally94 #A...Read More

Trivia Game #7

Trivia Game #7 All Black schools at Deaf schools opened after the Civil war ended. Not all the Deaf Schools have the best resources like White schools did, there was only one gift that Black students ...Read More

Class of 1994

Gallaudet University- Class of 1994 behind the beautiful Chapel Hall ♥️ #Gally94 #ASLRose

Trivia Game #6

Trivia Game #6 During the Civil War an army almost blew up the Deaf school, but it was saved by the school officials. Which Deaf school was that? A. Kentucky School for the Deaf B. Louisiana School fo...Read More