“Deaf?!” Jadelyn’s Reaction to Deaf Cinderella Book

I love the pictures and videos of people getting their own copy of Deaf Cinderella book! Thank you, Rose Crouch, for your order! It was so kind of you to give it to Jadelyn (who is a student at Oklaho...Read More

Good-bye Prague!

ASL Rose says thank you to Prague! We had fun! ♥️

A Brief History of Prague Deaf School ❤️

A brief history of the fifth oldest public Deaf school in the world: Prague Deaf School! ❤️ [Video Transcript] ADONIA: I’m here at Prague Deaf School in Prague and I’ll be talking about ho...Read More

Adonia and friends at another Prague Deaf School

Adonia K. Smith, Marika Robinson and Sara Bianco at another Prague Deaf School (est. 1926) ♥️

Adonia and friends at Prague Deaf School

Prague Deaf School – 5th oldest public Deaf school in the world ♥️

That Key! ♥️

See the key? Signed languages…That! Ready for our presentation on Wednesday, June 19th at 11:15 am (Prague time)! ♥️

Andrey Dragunov at the Sign Festival in Prague ❤️

Andrey Dragunov, an extremely talented finger-tut, performed the word “ASL Rose” at the sign festival in Prague. Watch closely! ❤️

Two Upcoming Events and Special Surprises to Be Announced

Come and visit ASL Rose’s two upcoming conference booths to check out cool ASL Rose products created especially for parents of Deaf children, teachers of Deaf education and ASL and Deaf Studies and fr...Read More