Deaf Cinderella in ASL Rose store NOW!❤️

Adonia: The midnight hour has arrived, and the spell is broken. What does that mean? That means Deaf Cinderella book is now available in ASL Rose store! FYI, The book has 60 pages, and includes a full...Read More

Sneak Peek of “Deaf Cinderella” Book

A quick sneak peek of the new upcoming book, "Deaf Cinderella" and when you can order it. ♥️ [Video transcript] Adonia: I want to say thanks for all your support about the book, "Deaf Cinderella"! T...Read More

Deaf Cinderella is Here!

Deaf Cinderella books FINALLY arrived!

Sneak Peek: Deaf Cinderella Narration

ASL Rose has been busy! Take a peek who is presenting the story in ASL. It?s Jenna Smith as a narrative storyteller! Sara Bianco is the editor of both languages: spoken ASL and written English of this...Read More

Printing the Birth of Deaf Schools Cards

Printing #ASLRose's ?Birth of Deaf School? cards...22 of Deaf Schools in total. These cards are important in teaching our next generations of Deaf youths about who really started our Deaf schools. And...Read More

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Will ASL Rose See You At ASLTA?

Will ASL Rose see you at ASLTA Conference in San Diego this June? [Video Transcript] Adonia: Hello! I want to let you know that ASL Rose video ad will be shown during ASLTA conference in June. Any o...Read More

ASL Rose is One-of-a-Kind.

ASL Rose is very proud to be a one of a kind store, and that other stores do not have what ASL Rose offers. What is it? Except for clothing, all of ASL Rose's products are bilingual! For example, if y...Read More

A RED Chair! ❤️

I did not notice the color of the chair until now…the little me in a red chair! I was then one year and 8 months old. Took place in Easter 1972. Happy Easter/Resurrection Day!