Richard and Donna Farris

Here’s a Deaf couple – Richard and Donna Farris – who are proud to be alumni of Kentucky School for the Deaf, and wearing their new shirts proved that! Donna is Adonia’s best friend since ...Read More

8 year old Annelies Reads Deaf Cinderella Book

When you see a 8-year-old girl actually reading the whole book of Deaf Cinderella all by herself, it is simply amazing, isn’t it? Annelies Smith, a 3rd grader at Toliver Elementary in Danville, KY, is...Read More

Kentucky School for the Deaf

Remember in an earlier post I was asking you to guess where I was go to, and who I was talking about? My answer is this Kentucky School for the Deaf! Here’s the video about a brief history of KSD R...Read More

New Product…Revealed!

The new product…REVEALED! ♥️ Adonia: Hello! I am excited to tell you that the new product has arrived! I thought it would be ready next week, but it’s not. It’s here now! Perfect tim...Read More


Guess where I am going to? Clues: The first husband of the first Deaf teacher at New York School for the Deaf-Fanwood…he was one of the first teachers at which Deaf School? 🤣♥️ #ASLRose

Who is Proud Deaf School Graduate?

Who is more proud as a Deaf School graduate than me? I graduated from Georgia school for the Deaf in 1988! ♥️

Peaches Brownlee Received a Deaf Cinderella Book

Congratulations to Peaches Brownlee, a seventh grader of Alabama Institute of the Deaf and the Blind (AIDB) – known as Alabama School for the Deaf – for accepting the honor and a complimen...Read More

Deaf Cinderella has something to say

Here’s what Deaf Cinderella has to say to you all! ❤️ To buy a copy of Deaf Cinderella book, click here: #ASLRose

The Winners are…

The winners are Amanda M Hatcher and Melissa Owens-Shumate (See the video)! Congratulations to the winners! ❤️ #ASLRose To see more details why not one, but two winners won, go to an earlier post whic...Read More

Another update on colors and spin the wheel at noon today

Another update on colors and spin the wheel at noon today [Video transcript] Adonia: Hello and good morning! See those reading glasses? They are perfect colors…classic red, evergreen, and deep r...Read More