3 Proud Owners Of Copies of Deaf Cinderella

Here’s the proud owners of copies of Deaf Cinderella! One is a graduate of Alabama School for the Deaf (Michael Jack Hill). Another is a graduate of Tennessee School for the Deaf (Amy Warren). And one...Read More

Ruby Losh Owns A Copy Of Deaf Cinderella

Ruby Losh, an ASL and ASL-English Interpreter coordinator of Pierpont Community and Technical College in Fairmont, WV, proves the world that she is a champion bilingual! She is a graduate of West Virg...Read More

A Deaf Mentor Margaret Jarvis

Here’s a picture of Margaret (Osborne) Jarvis, a Deaf Mentor at White County elementary school, with two copies of Deaf Cinderella (one hardcover and one softcover) and a poster. She and her son drove...Read More

Everyone Counts for Census

Thank you, Dianna Edwards, for inviting me to be a model of Everyone Counts for Census. And Sheila C. Parker for your wonderful interpreting service. Looking forward to see the pictures and videos soo...Read More

Amanda (Milford) Hatcher got A Deaf Cinderella Book

Not just regular teachers who teach using literacy in their classroom times, but speech language pathologists can, too! Amanda (Milford) Hatcher incorporates literacy into her therapy sessions all the...Read More

Blake Tucker Got A Deaf Cinderella Book

Blake Tucker, a stellar Deaf School graduate, made a quick visit to ASL Rose’s lil shop while on his work route! He was a middle school student at Alabama School for the Deaf where Adonia used to teac...Read More

Graduated From Gallaudet University

Here’s my journey from when I attended and graduated from Gallaudet. Who else attended and/or graduated from GU? And who loves GU as much as I do? Say you love GU! (If you are an alumni of GU, that is...Read More

Dillard, Royston and Holman

Have you ever seen any Deaf person that’s buried to next other Deaf person…even three of them in same row? I am not talking about students who passed away far from home and were buried next to e...Read More

Mark Owns A Deaf Cinderella Book Now

Mark Hightower is officially an owner of his copy of Deaf Cinderella book now! He has been delivering letters in my hometown for many years! He is a true blue alumni of Georgia School for the Deaf! He...Read More

Deaf Cinderella- Hardcover and Softcover Books Available Now

Update on Deaf Cinderella. Yes, both versions – hardcover and softcover – are available now. ❤️ [Video Transcript] Adonia: I’m here to tell you that we have hardcover Deaf Cinderella...Read More