Deaf Cinderella’s Dazzling ASL Skills

It looks like Deaf Cinderella’s ASL skill is truly dazzling! Maybe she have already received ASLTA‘s master certificate? Wouldn’t you want to find out what she was doing? Buy a copy of #ASLRose‘...Read More

My little shop at ASL Rose! ❤️

Where the ASL Rose products such as the calendar cards and posters are printed!  (Books such as Deaf Cinderella are printed somewhere else.)

Reading a Deaf Cinderella Book!

Got a chance to take a picture of Sydnee Shelton at a beauty salon…she’s a proud owner of a new, just-released Deaf Cinderella book…and she’s enjoying reading it! ♥️ #ASLRose

Deaf Cinderella Books Arrived!❤️

Looooooook! Deaf Cinderella books are here now!❤️

Update on Deaf Cinderella

We wanted to update you on Deaf Cinderella! ♥️ [Video transcript] Adonia: Hello, I wanted to inform you that the book, “Deaf Cinderella” will arrive this upcoming Thursday, June 6th. Yay! ...Read More

Why We Need National Deaf Schools Museum

Why a National Deaf Schools Museum is needed…️ [Video transcript] Adonia: Hello! I’m here at Alabama Institute for Deaf and Blind. Look at the year date. It says it has been established in...Read More

ASL Rose Co-Sponsor at 2019 AAD Conference

ASL Rose is Co-Sponsoring this year at 2019 AAD Conference. See ASL Rose’s beautiful logo! ️

ASL Rose Booth at AAD

ASL Rose Booth at AAD Today (May 31, 2019) at Alabama Association of the Deaf Conference! ️

Visit ASL Rose at Alabama Association of the Deaf Conference

AL, Tenn, and GA Peeps — Come visit ASL Rose at the booth at AAD (Alabama Association of the Deaf) conference at Alabama School for the Deaf (205 South Street East, Talladega, AL 35160) this weekend (...Read More

Behind the Scene: Lizzie and Adonia

One of ASL Rose behind the scenes: Lizzie Parker from Tennessee School for the Deaf is hanging out with Adonia and Baylee, admiring how beautiful the nature is in Cave Spring! See this picture…c...Read More