Tina (Blaxton) Phillips at age of 5

This is a typical event in which the parents drop off their Deaf child at a Deaf residential school across US because they lived far away from the school. I know it is very hard to leave a small child...Read More

Miss Micki Gaines Donated another $100

Whooo hoo!!! Miss Micki Gaines donated another $100!!! Now we are very close to hitting $2K! We are praying that we will have PB ready in time for GSD’s 175th celebration! It would be perfect timing a...Read More

Arizona Welsh Donated $75

How exciting I am! One of the best ASL Rose fans, Arizona Welsh, just donated $75! Look at her ASL Rose shirt! Isn’t she looking extra beautiful with that shirt? Arizona had donated $25 some time ago ...Read More

Deaf Schools Deserve Place of Honor

Over the years there are many kinds of Deaf schools (privately-run Deaf schools, Black Deaf schools, governed-state Deaf schools, Day Deaf schools, chartered Deaf schools, and so on). They deserve a p...Read More

Grant And Katie Laird Got A Deaf Cinderella Book

Deaf Cinderella told me that she had enjoyed sharing her story in the book to a wonderful couple: Grant and Katie Laird. Grant is a stellar Deaf School alumni: Western Pennsylvania School for the Deaf...Read More

Miss Micki Gaines Donated $100

Big fireworks bursting here! This is one of my favorite teachers, Miss Micki Gaines. She just donated $100! Many GSD students and I loved her! She always made our learning a fun experience in both lan...Read More

Ursula Smith Donated $20

Look! Ursula Smith just now donated $20! Here’s a video that was a part of an old ASL Rose website but was never shown publicly. Her presence in ASL is very sophisticated! ASL Rose still believes and ...Read More

Ward Pettis Donated $50

Whoooo hoo! Ward Pettis just donated $50!   Remember anyone can donate! Any amount is welcome! A mosaic mural will be more beautiful because your selfies will be in it!   Speaking “institute” in ASL i...Read More

ASL Rose Video Updates From Time to Time

Be sure to visit ASL Rose for updates and videos from time to time. To see a quick glimpse of general ASL Rose and Deaf history and understand where everything was coming from. There are many more dat...Read More

Tina Donated $100

Tina (Blaxton) Phillips just now donated $100! She is a true blood GSD alumni! She entered GSD when she was small and stayed all the way until 1983 when she graduated! She was a GSD homecoming queen i...Read More