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Did you know that the Primary Building, once a part of the Georgia School for the Deaf (GSD) campus, has been abandoned since the late 1990s? For many years since then, it has attracted all kinds of malicious mischief that involved fire, vandalism or theft. The large building still stands, but there was no pubic use for it – no purpose at all. We must do something about it.

We at ASL Rose have a vision; to purchase and convert the building into three spaces – The National Deaf Schools Museum, GSD Museum and ASL Rose. We want you to be a part of this vision. Can you help us make it happen?

We all know that Deaf Schools have their own history and stories of how they were ‘born’. They must be preserved. About 180 Deaf Schools, private or state-ran, that have existed since early 1800s. Over the years 110 Deaf schools have closed. Today, about 70 Deaf Schools are still operating. Many of Deaf Schools were started by Deaf leaders, but those people were oppressed and discriminated. Even now, their honor and dedication are buried and left forgotten. National Deaf Schools Museum is the place where the Deaf leaders and school founders will be recognized and honored. There’s more…best of all, those stories from Deaf Schools in each state will be told in ASL and open captioned via large TV monitors for all to see!

Because GSD students used to attend the Primary Building in the past, GSD Museum deserves to have a space in the Primary Building and to preserve ever-growing GSD memorabilia for the public to visit.

ASL Rose has so many products and resources, and need a space to store them, including the equipments where ASL Rose can produce more creative bilingual materials. And it requires a studio where it can make some high-quality ASL videos to go with the bilingual materials, too.

Giving back to the community is important to us as well. Part of the space will be used as a community multi-purpose room that can be reserved for different events for the Deaf community.

It has always taken a community to care for the building of a historical significance (remember the Deaf club house known as Charles Thompson Memorial Hall in Minnesota?) Therefore, we hope that a community will take to their heart to support and care for a nationwide museum about Deaf Schools and the town of Cave Spring, too. Giving a space for GSD Museum in the Primary Building is very much needed, and it will be like going back to home again. And ASL Rose will have its own space to continue producing creative ASL Rose bilingual materials and other products. We need your help!

Donations of any amount is welcome. Be sure to send your selfie so it can be used in a big mosaic of the Primary Building. After the Primary Building is purchased and renovated, the final mosaic will hang in the hallway for all to see it!

Also, donors of $5,000 or more will be recognized in an unique way by engraving their names in entrance of the newly renovated building and the like!

For inquiries and more information, please feel free to reach me at, call ‪240-394-4556‬ or text ‪706-331-4229‬.

Please visit ASL Rose Facebook page for updates.


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