GSD’s First Graders in 1976

This is a picture of GSD’s first graders at the very same building – the Primary Building (PB) in the fall of 1976. I know almost all of those GSD students had stories and fond memories of that building. We loved the PB, it was like a home to us. PB at that time in 1976 was open for classrooms for the primary students, cafeteria, dorms and administrations. Please donate to help make this vision of PB as a home of GSD Museum, National Deaf Schools Museum, and ASL Rose Studio/Store happen when we reunite again at PB in the future. Thank you very much! ♥️

Back row, L. to R. Calvin Hughes, Jr., Marlow Clowers, Mrs. Powers and Chris Culberson

Front row, L. to R. Angie Geffen, me (my very first year at GSD), Richard Roberts, Anita Allen, Orlando Rozier and Tony Smith

Donate to purchase the PB for three spaces: the future National Deaf Schools Museum, the housing for GSD Museum and ASL Rose:


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