Grace Laird Shaffer and her copy of Deaf Cinderella book

Grace Laird Shaffer has a copy of Deaf Cinderella book! *Cheering and shaking pom-poms* Grace! Grace! Grace! I’m so happy she got her copy! You see, she is one of my best friends in the world! She and I first met at Gallaudet University as roommates and also as classmates many years ago, and had been (and still are) best friends ever since. I love her dearly! She has been there for me through thick and thin. She even came to the US District courts to support me while I took a case against a certain school which discriminated me and failed to provide me a daily ASL interpreter when I was teaching (I was the sole Deaf teacher of Deaf students in the ENTIRE county at that time!). I am so thankful for my dear Grace who came to my side…Thank you VERY much, Grace, for your huge support, encouragement and love! And by the way, Grace is so so so humble…do you know she is the fourth generation of Deaf Laird family? Grace can relate with Deaf Cinderella because Deaf Cinderella is also the fourth generation of Deaf family. Pretty awesome? ❤

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