Giving Back Tuesday

(One day late…waiting for FB to publish and launch a fundraiser for future National Deaf Schools Museum)

Giving Tuesday is usually for a 24-hour global online event for a charity. ASL Rose has created a Facebook fundraiser that y’all can donate to help ASL Rose reach the ultimate goal: to purchase the old building of Georgia School for the Deaf (known as the Primary Building). See the video for activities. Your donations will be very much appreciated! ♥️


[Video transcript]

Adonia: Today is Tuesday’s Giving Back. What’s this about? Let me explain; ASL Rose’s goal is to buy a building called Primary Building (or “PB”) which was one of Georgia School for the Deaf’s old buildings, but now is no longer their property anymore and has been since abandoned. You might think it is quite expensive to buy that building – about $250,000! Yes, it is expensive, but it is worthwhile in a long term. The purpose of this is: First, to establish it as National Deaf Schools Museum; second, the Georgia School for the Deaf museum will retain their space given to it by the school many years ago…so we will honor their place; third, ASL Rose where I’ve saved all things created, printed and sold for many years. The building is really big, plenty of rooms for everything. Your donations are equally important, so how would you donate?

Adonia: I have a list of activities that you can participate. First, when you donate, no matter how much, from dollars of thousands to just one dollar, you donate to Facebook fundraiser and [continue donating if you so wish] until it reaches the goal of $250,00 to buy the building. And after you have donated, take a selfie and send it to me. I’ll save all your selfies until the event is ended, and I’ll make a mosaic (I misspelled it in video so ignore it) of the Primary Building with all your selfies. You know what the mosaic looks like, with tiny pictures arranged together to make up a larger picture of the Primary Building. Yes, that’s the plan.

Adonia: But what if some of you want to donate a large sum? Just inbox me! I have a special W9 form for a donation of $600 and upwards that I can send to you. As for how much amount you donated, from $1.00 to $1,000, if you donated $5 it will bbe small size of your selfie; if $50, the selfie will be bigger size than the $5 selfie; if $200, a much bigger size, and so on depending on how much amount of a donation you made. All will be arranged in a big mosaic. Again, the goal is to reach $250,000. It would be wonderful if one of you can donate a really large sum to make up the entire mosaic, that is fine with me!

Adonia: My favorite part is a Deaf community getting together to experience the excitement of watching when the building is being purchased and renovated. But don’t worry about the renovation right now. First, the selfies as I’ve already explained, and second, if your donation reaches $100.00, I will innovate one question related to Deaf School for you to ponder and answer to. This question will require some researching and much pondering and hard work from myself, so I will be pleased to honor $100 donation with a new question for you. When the donation of $200.00 (and $300.00 and so on) is reached, a new question will be created. When $1,000 will be reached, I will think of something really fun for you to participate in. I’ll let you know what it will be.

Adonia: I promise I won’t continue too long and take up too much of your time in this video. So, just wanted say that your donations are very important, yes. I’ll post more from time to time about the building and why it is important to have National Deaf Schools Museum, why it is important for Georgia School for the Deaf museum to retain their place, and so forth. Some of you might be concerned I will be taking over your local Deaf School museums in your state. No! Each Deaf School museum is very important, and they will stay in their places and continue to be maintained by their local Deaf School alumni as usual. This National Deaf Schools Museum is about preserving the history of how Deaf Schools are established, the authentic stories of what was going on inside the Deaf Schools and how many were Deaf schools in each state from the past. For example, here in Georgia state, there used to be three [Oops, me bad; it’s actually FIVE!] Deaf Schools. In Alabama there were six Deaf schools. And so on.

Adonia: Ok, I’ll stop for now. Thank you so much for your support, love and encouragement! Thanks! ILY!

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