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ASL Rose welcome any amount of donation to support ASL Rose and their goals. To donate, scroll down to the bottom. Thank you. ❤

As of now, ASL Rose’s goal is to purchase the old building of Georgia School for the Deaf and that building is the Primary Building (or PB for short) so it can become three divisions: The National Deaf Schools Museum, a home for GSD Museum and the ASL Rose store and studio. The following explains the purposes of each:

National Deaf Schools Museum
The more Deaf Schools get support, the more they will stay alive! Stories told in ASL in 50 states of all kinds of Deaf Schools and how/who they opened will be recorded and displayed in the future national Deaf schools museum permanently. The alumni of Deaf schools in each state will present the story in ASL. The stories will honor hidden and oppressed Deaf students and leaders who shared their experiences of struggles and discrimination during their lifetime when they opened their Deaf schools. Below the TV monitors will be set to display 3D models of vintage school buildings from when they were first opened and/or were state-funded.

GSD Museum
Primary Building used to be a part of Georgia School for the Deaf on the Fannin Campus. It was built in 1939 and opened for years until 1984. The GSD Museum deserves to have its home in PB. The GSD Museum has a rich history of artifacts, documents, pictures and memorabilia that originally belonged to GSD alumni.

ASL Rose Store and Studio
ASL Rose has an online store of bilingual and bicultural products. The Deaf Cinderella book is one example and was published last May. ASL Rose has created many projects and they are in the process of being completed with special and spacious equipments. ASL Rose will have some space in PB to continue researching, publishing, distributing and promoting the importance of keeping Deaf Schools alive. Ten percent from ASL Rose products will go to the National Deaf Schools Museum.

There are two reserved walls: 1.) A mosaic mural of PB with selfies of donors under $999, and 2.) engraved bricks of donors’ names and the years of attending and leaving/graduation. Some allies donated as well, and their names and how they are related to Deaf Schools will be engraved. The brick wall is for donations of more than $1,000 and upward to $4,999. Be a family to this and it will be forever in PB!

Please visit ASL Rose Facebook page for updates:

10 percent from all purchased ASL Rose products ( will go to the National Deaf Schools Museum, and we also welcome ANY amount of donation toward the purchasing of the Primary Building (or PB for short).

Please help make a dream come true in purchasing and turning the PB into three divisions: the future National Deaf Schools Museum, a new home for GSD Museum, and also a new home for ASL Rose:

People who donated:
• Tammie (Sharpton) Kelley: $10
a 1985 graduate of Alabama SD

• Richard Terry:  $275 ($75 in cash & $200 online)
a 1988 graduate of Florida SD

• Adonia K. Smith:  $300
a 1988 graduate of Georgia SD

• Angelina Ortiz:  $20
a sister of a graduate of Arizona SDB

• Scott and Beth Ward: $100
cousins of a 1988 graduate of Georgia SD

• Sandra (Loftin) Evers: $1,000
a 1967 graduate of Georgia SD

• Grace (Laird) Shaffer: $1,200
alumni of Western Pennsylvania SD (1974-1977)

• Arizona Welsh: $100
alumni of Detroit Day School for the Deaf (1969-70, pre-school) and Lutheran School for the Deaf in Detroit (1970-75, Kdg I – 3rd grade)

• Sheila C. Parker: $100
a brother of a graduate of Georgia SD

• Tina (Blaxton) Phillips: $100
a 1983 graduate of Georgia SD

• Ward Pettis: $50

• Ursula Smith: $20
a graduate of Alabama SD

• Micki Gaines: $200
retired GSD teacher

• Erikson Young: $85
a 2003 graduate of Georgia SD

• Anita (Shealy) Cummings: $100
a cousin of a 1988 graduate of Georgia SD

• Libby (Cranshaw) West: $20
a 1982 graduate of Georgia SD

• Terry Ellis Garrison: $40
a 1981 graduate of Georgia SD

• Diane (Rogers) Smith: $20
a 1966 graduate of Georgia SD

• Sallie Jo (Kirk) Brown: $20
alumni of Georgia SD (1947-1960)

• Ricky and Donna (Smith) Farris: $200
Donna – alumni of four Deaf schools: Georgia, Florida, Kentucky and North Carolina

• Dr. Barbara “Barb” Brinks: $35
a 1977 graduate of New Jersey SD

• Katie O’Brien: $50
an ally of many Deaf School graduates

• Frieda (Wilson) Sorrells: $50

• An Anonymous Couple: $30

• Lana Dove: $50
alumni of Gallaudet University

• Richard Friends II: $100
a graduate of Gallaudet University

• Roosevelt Odom, Jr.: $25
1977 graduate of North Carolina School for the Deaf

• Donna (McCord) Smolik: $25
1975 graduate of North Carolina School for the Deaf

• Anonymous donor: $40

• Anonymous donor: $25

• Anonymous donor: $40

• Lynne Crothers Williams: $25
an former employee at GSD

• Marcia (Alford) Callaway: $5
GSD 1973-1983 (a member of Class of 1985)

• Anonymous donor: $100

• Kenneth Kennedy: $20
a 2020 graduate of Georgia SD

• Maggie Jarvis: $12
a 1988 graduate of Kentucky SD

• Joel Mankowski: $27
a 1986 graduate of Wisconsin SD

• Chris Culberson: $50
a 1990 graduate of Georgia SD

• Mike Tucci: $100
a 1981 graduate of Georgia SD



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10% of proceeds go to a new national Deaf schools museum