Drawing of PB

I LOVE this drawing…the Primary Building (PB) with ASL Rose’s red chair in front of it! Thank you, Tina (Blaxton) Phillips, a graduate of GSD, for this amazing drawing! As always, I love GOOD surprises! The next surprise would be the BEST gift – the PB: the future Deaf School Museum, the home of GSD Museum and a store/studio of ASL Rose!

Several ways to make this become a reality:
1. Praying to make it happen;
2. Buying ASL Rose products (ten percent of purchases will go to the PB);
3. Sharing the posts to the world;
4. Donating the money! There are four ways to donate: 1. ‪ASLRose.com/Give‬; 2. Gofundme (coming soon! I can’t use FB fundraiser because of three months limitation); 3. Mail the check or money order to ASL Rose Company, ‪PO Box 160, Cave Spring, GA 30124‬, or 4. meet with me in person (I’d love to see you, too…of course, we wear masks!).

And, remember people who donated any amount between $1,000 – $5,000 will have their names engraved in a brick wall (or two!) which will be displayed in the PB forever, along with a mosaic of the vintage Primary Building, made up of tiny pictures of the donors (any amount up to $100). ♥️

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