Dr. Lawrence Raymond “Larry” Fleischer

I want to share my memory of my dear friend, Dr. Lawrence Raymond “Larry” Fleischer….today is his birthday (October 11, 2019). He would be 74 years old. It was ten years ago this year when he passed away unexpectedly in November. He had a beautiful heart!
This is what I wrote in honor of him in one of my children’s books:

In Memoriam:
Dr. Lawrence R. Fleischer (1945-2009)

Dr. Lawrence R. Fleishcer was a teacher, activist, advocate, leader, athlete, father, husband, and mentor. He was the founder of the Deaf studies program, established at California State University, Northridge. As the Deaf parent of a Deaf child and a hearing child, he was passionate about many things, including Deaf education, Deaf studies, American Sign Language, American Sign Language/English education, and athletics. He served in many leadership positions, including the presidency of the USA Deaf Sports Federation, and was actively involved in the National Literary Society of the Deaf.

Among Larry’s many memorable quotes was, “We learn ASL. We learn through ASL. We learn about ASL. We must remember that ASL is by, of, and for Deaf people.” He also endeavored to ensure that all his activities were in line with his philosophy: Of Deaf people, by Deaf people, and for Deaf people. Clearly more than a man of words, Larry was a man of action whose humble acts inspired many others to the very day of his untimely passing in late 2009.

Larry is greatly missed, but his trailblazing accomplishments have left valuable, inspiring, and long-lasting effects on past generations and generations to come.
Dr. Larry – Happy Birthday to you! Thank you AGAIN for your mentorship, friendship, and for all you have done in every Deaf-related activities!

And….he was DEFINITELY a man of many talents! ♥️

Drawn by Heather Lightfoot Withrow

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