Donna Smolik Donated $25

Donna (McCord) Smolik, a stellar 1975 graduate of North Carolina School for the Deaf, donated $25 as a tribute to Patsy Lee Cail who was killed in a car accident in 1976. She was a stellar 1975 graduate of Georgia School for the Deaf. ♥️

Photos courtesy: Mary Ann White-Pickering, newspaper from findagrave and last picture was taken by Adonia

[Video Transcript]

Adonia: Hello, I’m here at the Cave Spring Cementery. In case you’re wondering why I’m here…it’s because someone from North Carolina donated $25. Thank you! Her name is Donna (McCord) Smolik, who graduated from North Carolina School for the Deaf in 1975. She wants to make a donation in honor of Patsy Lee Cail (demonstrates name sign). She graduated from Georgia School for the Deaf in 1975. Donna and Patsy then went to Gallaudet University where they met and became good friends.

Adonia: Donna told me that Patsy had fond memories of GSD, often talking about good times she had at her Deaf school. Patsy was also very involved in school activities till her graduation. Sadly Patsy didn’t get to live very long; in Florida, December 30, 1976, she and her friends – four of them – were in a car accident. Two were killed, and Patsy was one of them. Very tragic, and Patsy was only 21 years old, too young!

Adonia: Interesting note about those four graves over there – see them? Those are the graves of GSD students from early 1800’s! This recent grave is from 1976. They’re all in the same row…very interesting.

Adonia: Any of you want to make donation in honor or a tribute to some special person in your lives…or even to any Deaf school, it would be a wonderful tribute. Thanks, Donna, for your $25 donation in honor of your friend Patsy! I know Patsy would be delighted. Thank you!

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