Donate for PB Building

It has been raining a lot in Cave Spring, the heart town of Georgia School for the Deaf! Primary Building (PB) will be happier if you bring out a bright ray light of the sun in form of donations. Any amount of donation – even $5 or $ 10 – are welcome and very much appreciated!

Anyone can donate online, cash (in person) or even write a check! If your preference is writing a check to donate, you may make a check payable to ASL Rose Company, ‪PO Box 160, Cave Spring, GA 30124‬. ASL Rose loves surprises, too! Any philanthropist wishing to make large donations and wants to write tax off, do feel welcome to join and make the reality happen: National Deaf Schools Museum, a home for Georgia School for the Deaf and ASL Rose under one roof!

Be a part of this ongoing project, your generosity and kindness will make PB happier and brighter like the Sun!

Thank you very much in advance! ♥️

10 percent from all purchased ASL Rose products ( will go to the National Deaf Schools Museum, and we also welcome ANY amount of donation toward the purchasing of the Primary Building (or PB for short).

Please help make a dream come true in purchasing and turning the PB into three divisions: the future National Deaf Schools Museum, a new home for GSD Museum, and also a new home for ASL Rose:


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