Deaf School and Jigsaw Puzzles

For those who love Deaf Schools and jigsaw…❤️

[Video transcript]

Adonia: Hello! I want to talk about jigsaw puzzles. Some of you have different signs for “puzzles” like this or that…anyway, what I’m talking about is that two days ago (Tuesday, September 10) I posted a picture of a jigsaw puzzle (of vintage Deaf schools from the past). Some of you really like it, or somewhat like it in some way…that’s fine. Some of you prefer that only GSD is in a puzzle, while some other people prefer to see larger pictures that include all Deaf schools (in 50 states). I’ve been thinking about it for some time, and now I’ve made a decision. We’ll keep what we already have right now – which has 18 Deaf schools in the puzzle, I’ll tell you what they are: Kentucky, Missouri, Virginia, North Carolina (Black school), Nebraska, Maryland, Iowa, Wisconsin, Arkansas, North Dakota, West Virginia (Black school), Michigan, Washington, Georgia, Indiana, American School for the Deaf, Kansas, and New York Deaf School – Fanwood – those are 18 schools in a puzzle right now. The size of a puzzle is about 20 by 15 inches. So now what I will do is create another puzzle with other Deaf schools, perhaps 18 to 20 schools that are not already included yet. Then third puzzle, and then fourth, and fifth….and so forth until all Deaf schools are included. Then you can decide which puzzle you would like to choose. Just wanted to let y’all know. Thanks, and bye!

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