“Deaf?!” Jadelyn’s Reaction to Deaf Cinderella Book

I love the pictures and videos of people getting their own copy of Deaf Cinderella book! Thank you, Rose Crouch, for your order! It was so kind of you to give it to Jadelyn (who is a student at Oklahoma School for the Deaf, by the way!)

Watch the video and feel the LOVE! ❤️


[Video Transcript]

Jadelyn receives the book and sees the title “Deaf Cinderella”: “DEAF?! Hmm, I see.”

Jadelyn looks at the first few pages: “Cinderella is really Deaf?”

Jadelyn looks at the front cover again: “Let me see! It says ‘Adapted by Adonia’….illustrated by Maureen, last name Klusza…umm, what does this word mean, Mom? Anyway, make up [‘presented’] in ASL by Jenna Smith. Oh look, it says ASL!” *points at the badge!*

Jadelyn: “I can’t wait to read it!” *hugs the book*

**Video Credit: Rose Crouch (mother of Jadelyn)**

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