Deaf Cinderella-Themed Party for the Girls (Please click to read!)

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Let’s jump in and pretend we are at the Deaf Cinderella party that those precious girls were having!

The girls in fairy tale costumes are the granddaughters of Vicki and Ricky Milford. The proud grandparents narrated the story of Deaf Cinderella in ASL to the enchanted girls. The grandparents also told them that Ricky is an alumni of Georgia School for the Deaf, and that both Vicki and Ricky are Gallaudet University alumni!

Just look at the decorative cookies! They are in shapes of a tiara, the ILY charm from Deaf Cinderella’s dress, Deaf Cinderella’s coach, and Deaf Cinderella’s red dress. Vicki’s creativity is always top rated!

The girls in fairy tale costumes are demonstrating the name of Deaf Cinderella in ASL.

I love the idea of having a Deaf Cinderella-themed party with all the creative decorations! Thank you, Vicki and Ricky, for being the best grandparents and for giving the gift of Deaf Cinderella to their granddaughters! ♥️

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