Deaf Cinderella Made New Friends

Deaf Cinderella enjoyed making new friends with the story characters from the other authors’ children’s books. The authors and I shared something in common – that when we write our stories, we based our stories on our personal experiences and other real-life events. Stories like those are powerful!

One of the authors surprised me by speaking in ASL to me. We got to chat without interpreters…that was so nice!

Best of all, authors even signed their names and titles of their books inside of my Deaf Cinderella book. Two wonderful ASL interpreters did great job enabling me and the other people to communicate to each other!

There’s a short mini-history video which was taken in the very street in New Orleans. Be sure to view it (right before this post) and learn that signed languages were presented before Deaf Schools even existed in two states: Louisiana and Alabama!

Again, stories, when written and shared properly, are p-o-w-e-r-f-u-l! Especially those important stories of Deaf Schools that must be preserved…and the future National Deaf Schools Museum will preserve them! It is a must! All 10% of products purchased at ASL Rose are invested in this goal: to save the stories, stories, stories of students of Deaf Schools!

Deaf Cinderella and I had FUN at ILA and in New Orleans! ♥️

Thank you, #ILA2019 and #NewOrleans!


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