Have You Ever Seen?

More resource from ASL Rose! This time it’s a retired children’s book from a Deaf perspective, with ASL handshapes provided by a creative team who are Deaf and hearing CODAs. The long title was ...Read More


His name sign resembles a sign for “WATER.” He was a graduate of Maryland School for the Deaf, and he was buried in River Cemetery in Canton, GA. View the video to find out who he is, and ...Read More

Updates About FB Fundraiser

Updates about FB Fundraiser and the location of ASL Rose studio ♥️ [Video Transcript] Adonia: Hello, I’m here to share two things. First: Facebook (FB) fundraiser that I had been using with a go...Read More

Happy Birthday to Baylee

Whose birthday is today? Join me and sing a birthday song in ASL with me! ♥️ [ Video Transcript] Adonia: Hello! I’m here at the ASL Rose studio with Baylee – see her? Guess whose birthday?...Read More

Shout Red!

Let’s shout RED! Post any gif that shows some red in your comments here! So we can all feel loved and share the celebration of Valentine’s Day in honor of our legacy Deaf Schools and their leaders of ...Read More

Ursula Smith Donated $20

Look! Ursula Smith just now donated $20! Here’s a video that was a part of an old ASL Rose website but was never shown publicly. Her presence in ASL is very sophisticated! ASL Rose still believes and ...Read More

Almira C. (Peugh) Carruthers

Almira C. (Peugh) Carruthers, a graduate of American School for the Deaf AND Georgia School for the Deaf, would be 188 years old next month. She was one of earliest students when Georgia School for th...Read More

P.D.J Roger New Orleans

Way back in 1842 in New Orleans a Deaf man named P.D.J. Roger declared the importance of teaching in signed languages to both groups of people; one group who speak with MOUTH (i.e. spoken English, spo...Read More