Ursula Smith Donated $20

Look! Ursula Smith just now donated $20! Here’s a video that was a part of an old ASL Rose website but was never shown publicly. Her presence in ASL is very sophisticated! ASL Rose still believes and ...Read More

Almira C. (Peugh) Carruthers

Almira C. (Peugh) Carruthers, a graduate of American School for the Deaf AND Georgia School for the Deaf, would be 188 years old next month. She was one of earliest students when Georgia School for th...Read More

P.D.J Roger New Orleans

Way back in 1842 in New Orleans a Deaf man named P.D.J. Roger declared the importance of teaching in signed languages to both groups of people; one group who speak with MOUTH (i.e. spoken English, spo...Read More

West Cinema Movie Theater in Cedartown, GA

We are planning for the upcoming GSD-Class of 1988 event next month, and everyone is welcome! Hope to see y’all there! ♥️ [Video Transcript] Judy: Hello! I’m Judy Hayes (demonstrating name sign)...Read More

New Product…Revealed!

The new product…REVEALED! ♥️ Adonia: Hello! I am excited to tell you that the new product has arrived! I thought it would be ready next week, but it’s not. It’s here now! Perfect tim...Read More

Bilingual star models ❤️

Look at those bilingual star models! Those are the videos that are accompanied by ASL Rose’s bilingual products. Are you also a bilingual or multi bilingual? Name your spoken language and your nationa...Read More

Visiting Deaf Schools in 1990s

A short glance through my scrapbook of my journey across the nation to visit Deaf Schools in 1990s: I FINISH TOUCH (or “have been to”) most of the Deaf Schools in US! Only a few Deaf schoo...Read More

Last copy of Special Limited Edition Deaf Cinderella. (Update: SOLD OUT!)

Update: SOLD OUT! ♥️ ———- This is your chance to grab the last copy of limited edition Deaf Cinderella that includes the signatures of the creative team members on both hardcover copy and three poster...Read More