Ricky and Donna Farris Winners

Here’s an announcement of two prize winners during Thankful for Deaf Schools week. Watch and find out! Thank you, everyone, for being a loyal ASL Rose fan. ♥️ [Video Transcript] Adonia: Hello! The rea...Read More

Not Part Of Black Friday Deal

Beautiful Baylee on the red chair! Sorry, she is not a part of Black Friday deal! ♥️ Photo credit: Beth Padgett Mitchell #ASLRose

A Stellar Deaf School Graduate Shirt Showcase #2

Showcase #2: A Stellar Deaf School Graduate Shirt  ♥️ We are thankful for Deaf Schools because they create a sweet home environment where we study and grow together, becoming like a family for lifetim...Read More

ASL-English Calendar Kit-Showcase #1

Showcase #1: ASL-English Calendar Kit ♥️ We are thankful for Deaf Schools because they offer us a rich language environment which is our ASL/SL, spoken language and our national written language (i.e....Read More

Deaf Cinderella Visited Gallaudet University

Deaf Cinderella visited Gallaudet University! You should visit there too. ♥️ #ASLRose

Save Deaf Schools

Told you so! Deaf Schools WILL eventually die! That is our goal to SAVE our Deaf schools, and save the authentic stories of how Deaf schools were opened/incorporated, including our students’ sto...Read More

The Trivia Games SpinWheel

Out of those who participated in the trivia games, here are two winners: Kim Bonner and Dale Harris! Congratulations! The winners can choose a prize of either the “A Stellar Deaf School Graduate...Read More

Signing, Reading and Writing

#CRL ♥️ [Video transcript] Adonia: Crazy Reading Lady – that’s me! Yes! Remember, it’s Signing, Reading and Writing. Not just reading or writing but Signing, Reading and Writing! Rig...Read More

A Deaf Mentor Margaret Jarvis

Here’s a picture of Margaret (Osborne) Jarvis, a Deaf Mentor at White County elementary school, with two copies of Deaf Cinderella (one hardcover and one softcover) and a poster. She and her son drove...Read More