8 year old Annelies Reads Deaf Cinderella Book

When you see a 8-year-old girl actually reading the whole book of Deaf Cinderella all by herself, it is simply amazing, isn’t it? Annelies Smith, a 3rd grader at Toliver Elementary in Danville, KY, is...Read More

Peaches Brownlee Received a Deaf Cinderella Book

Congratulations to Peaches Brownlee, a seventh grader of Alabama Institute of the Deaf and the Blind (AIDB) – known as Alabama School for the Deaf – for accepting the honor and a complimen...Read More


ASL Rose just hit 5000 Facebook page likes! Thank you all very much for your support! You ALL rock! As you know we respect ASL/SL just as equally as all other spoken languages! We celebrate Deaf cultu...Read More

Visiting Deaf Schools in 1990s

A short glance through my scrapbook of my journey across the nation to visit Deaf Schools in 1990s: I FINISH TOUCH (or “have been to”) most of the Deaf Schools in US! Only a few Deaf schoo...Read More

ASL Rose’s “DO” Action and a Challenge

UPDATE: Congratulations to the first three winners: Arkansas SD, Tennessee SD-Knoxville and Alabama SD! ♥️ ————- Scott Ward and an anonymous friend did a “DO” action! See what they didR...Read More

Baylee and I at the ASL Rose Studio

Baylee and I hanging out at ASL Rose Studio!

300-piece puzzle: guess what it is!

It’s 300-piece puzzle! If put together what do you think the picture will look like? ❤️ #ASLRose  

Grace Laird Shaffer and her copy of Deaf Cinderella book

Grace Laird Shaffer has a copy of Deaf Cinderella book! *Cheering and shaking pom-poms* Grace! Grace! Grace! I’m so happy she got her copy! You see, she is one of my best friends in the world! S...Read More

Harlan Lane, ally of Deaf community, Dies

Harlan Lane was a well respected professor of psychology at the Northeastern University in Boston, Massachusetts. For many years in the major of psychology, it was considered that Deaf people are the ...Read More