Two Small Girls Standing the Back of Primary Building (PB) in 1995

Then: 1955 – Now: 2020 See two small girls standing behind the back of Primary Building (PB for short) that was taken in 1955? On the very same spot, and what a 65 years difference! PB is 81 yea...Read More

Tina (Blaxton) Phillips at age of 5

This is a typical event in which the parents drop off their Deaf child at a Deaf residential school across US because they lived far away from the school. I know it is very hard to leave a small child...Read More

Arizona Welsh Donated $75

How exciting I am! One of the best ASL Rose fans, Arizona Welsh, just donated $75! Look at her ASL Rose shirt! Isn’t she looking extra beautiful with that shirt? Arizona had donated $25 some time ago ...Read More

Deaf Schools Deserve Place of Honor

Over the years there are many kinds of Deaf schools (privately-run Deaf schools, Black Deaf schools, governed-state Deaf schools, Day Deaf schools, chartered Deaf schools, and so on). They deserve a p...Read More

Grant And Katie Laird Got A Deaf Cinderella Book

Deaf Cinderella told me that she had enjoyed sharing her story in the book to a wonderful couple: Grant and Katie Laird. Grant is a stellar Deaf School alumni: Western Pennsylvania School for the Deaf...Read More

E.S. Brown School

Did you know that the Black hearing school in Cave Spring (First named Fairview School and later renamed E.S. Brown School; established in 1920s) which was right across from PB on the right side? They...Read More

Can You Guess Where This Classroom Is

Can you guess where this classroom is? Inside this huge building – the PB! The mother of my best friend Donna (Smith) Farris took this picture. Donna’s little brother Tony Smith (now deceased) w...Read More

Ricky and Donna Farris Showed Their Prize

Ricky and Donna Farris are showcasing their prize which is a Deaf Schools poster they won in the contest during the Thanksgiving-“Thankful for Deaf Schools” Black Deal week. Ricky is a graduate of KY ...Read More

A Brief History Of Clerc Center

Instead of 10 trivial questions for reaching $1,000 for the goal to purchase the PB, here’s the story about two people who founded the Clerc Center (KDES and MSSD). The first founder deserved to...Read More