Deaf School and Jigsaw Puzzles

For those who love Deaf Schools and jigsaw…❤️ [Video transcript] Adonia: Hello! I want to talk about jigsaw puzzles. Some of you have different signs for “puzzles” like this or that…...Read More

300-pieces jigsaw of State-governed Deaf Schools in US

It’s a black-and-white 300-pieces jigsaw of State-governed Deaf Schools in US! My jaw is still on the floor after Kimberly Thompson completed this jigsaw in only an hour and 40 minutes! Anyone out the...Read More

An ASL Rose Fan

Here’s a selfie of an ASL Rose fan and I! She visited my lil’ ASL Rose shop today! Thank you for coming, Kimberly! Hope y’all visit soon! ♥️ #ASLRose

Brenda Ulrich Received a Deaf Cinderella Book

Giving back to Deaf School…another Deaf Cinderella donation! Rose Hawley, a graduate of Eastern North Carolina School for the Deaf, donated a copy of Deaf Cinderella book to the library at her a...Read More

8 year old Annelies Reads Deaf Cinderella Book

When you see a 8-year-old girl actually reading the whole book of Deaf Cinderella all by herself, it is simply amazing, isn’t it? Annelies Smith, a 3rd grader at Toliver Elementary in Danville, KY, is...Read More

Peaches Brownlee Received a Deaf Cinderella Book

Congratulations to Peaches Brownlee, a seventh grader of Alabama Institute of the Deaf and the Blind (AIDB) – known as Alabama School for the Deaf – for accepting the honor and a complimen...Read More


ASL Rose just hit 5000 Facebook page likes! Thank you all very much for your support! You ALL rock! As you know we respect ASL/SL just as equally as all other spoken languages! We celebrate Deaf cultu...Read More

Visiting Deaf Schools in 1990s

A short glance through my scrapbook of my journey across the nation to visit Deaf Schools in 1990s: I FINISH TOUCH (or “have been to”) most of the Deaf Schools in US! Only a few Deaf schoo...Read More

ASL Rose’s “DO” Action and a Challenge

UPDATE: Congratulations to the first three winners: Arkansas SD, Tennessee SD-Knoxville and Alabama SD! ♥️ ————- Scott Ward and an anonymous friend did a “DO” action! See what they didR...Read More

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