Every One Counts

This is what I got a surprise from my friends who said they said they saw me on TV this evening! I did not even see it, but here’s a glimpse of me in the Atlanta news! How exciting to see ASL being sh...Read More


Speechless here – Want to share this exciting news with you that ASL Rose has been selected as 2020 Best of Frederick (Maryland – where ASL Rose, LLC was incorporated) in the category of E...Read More

A Story for Deaf learners and ASL learners around the World

ASL Rose presents a story to the Deaf learners and ASL learners around the world…there are more resources that will help them to present the stories in ASL during the quarantine of coronavirus p...Read More

Donna Smolik Donated $25

Donna (McCord) Smolik, a stellar 1975 graduate of North Carolina School for the Deaf, donated $25 as a tribute to Patsy Lee Cail who was killed in a car accident in 1976. She was a stellar 1975 gradua...Read More

Leap Day

Today is Leap Day – February 29th. It symbolizes four parts: abundance, freedom, optimism, and growth. Find out how they are applied to the Primary Building (PB). I leaped by donating $100 today...Read More

Donna Farris Donated $100

Yayyyy! Donna (Smith) Farris donated $100! She is an alumni of four Deaf Schools: Georgia, Florida, Kentucky and North Carolina. A secret to a lifetime friendship is through Deaf Schools! Find out how...Read More

Donate for PB Building

It has been raining a lot in Cave Spring, the heart town of Georgia School for the Deaf! Primary Building (PB) will be happier if you bring out a bright ray light of the sun in form of donations. Any ...Read More

Establish Deaf School

It is awesome to see a Deaf person who proposed to ESTABLISH a Deaf school a year after a city was incorporated! (Not ten years later – just one year later!) Many people in America did not know ...Read More

ASL Rose Sweater

Whoo hoo! Look at her in the picture! Dr. Barbara “Barb” Brinks is wearing a gorgeous ASL Rose sweater shirt! She’s also gorgeous herself, too! She signs, “I love you!” And she donated $35 today! Yay!...Read More

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