Trivia Tuesday

Trivia Game #3

Trivia Game #3 In a lengthy letter on January 3, 1822 an official from Pennsylvania School for the Deaf encouraged the state officials (who declined) to open a Deaf school and invited to learning the ...Read More

Trivia Game #2

Trivia Game #2 Name two Deaf Schools that had a log cabin when students first entered. A. South Carolina School for the Deaf and Tennessee School for the Deaf B. Mississippi School for the Deaf and Co...Read More

Trivia Game #1

Trivia Game #1 Which Deaf school has/had the highest total of a number of Deaf landmarks in honor of Deaf people as of today? A. Michigan School for the Deaf B. Indiana School for the Deaf C. Florida ...Read More

Warmup Exercise

Here is the warmup exercise! So y’all know what to expect in trivia game. Please give your answer in comments under this post, not others’ posts or shared posts. It is because some posts are filtered ...Read More

Time For Fun Activities! Ready?

(chanting) (chanting) (chanting) Deaf Schools, Deaf Schools….Go, Go…Deaf Schools, Deaf Schools! (chanting) (chanting) (chanting) Time for fun activities! Ready? ♥️ [Video Transcript] Adoni...Read More

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