Update on Deaf Cinderella

Getting love from Baylee was best! This is an update on Deaf Cinderella. Your love and patience are very much appreciated!♥️ [Video transcript] Adonia (to Baylee): Thanks for your love, Baylee! Ok, he...Read More

Richard and Donna Farris

Here’s a Deaf couple – Richard and Donna Farris – who are proud to be alumni of Kentucky School for the Deaf, and wearing their new shirts proved that! Donna is Adonia’s best friend since ...Read More

New Product…Revealed!

The new product…REVEALED! ♥️ Adonia: Hello! I am excited to tell you that the new product has arrived! I thought it would be ready next week, but it’s not. It’s here now! Perfect tim...Read More

Peaches Brownlee Received a Deaf Cinderella Book

Congratulations to Peaches Brownlee, a seventh grader of Alabama Institute of the Deaf and the Blind (AIDB) – known as Alabama School for the Deaf – for accepting the honor and a complimen...Read More

Deaf Cinderella has something to say

Here’s what Deaf Cinderella has to say to you all! ❤️ To buy a copy of Deaf Cinderella book, click here: #ASLRose

Update: Wheel Contest

Here’s what people have chosen the color for new product until 1:30 pm today….so far! Classic Red – 65 Evergreen – 45 Deep Royal (Blue) -81 BUT WE’RE NOT DONE YET! We sti...Read More

FDSB receives one of copies of Deaf Cinderella Book

Florida School for the Deaf and Blind (FSDB) has one of the copies of Deaf Cinderella book, ordered by David Snow, the School Media Specialist. Thank you, David Snow, for making sure that FSBD has bil...Read More

ASL Rose needs YOUR help

Welcome back to school! ASL Rose needs YOUR help! Please watch the video for the details. It starts now (August 10, 2019 at midnight EST) and ends onAugust 12, 2019 at midnight EST. This will be a sur...Read More

A child’s radiant face

Look at the adorable 8-months-old Lauren (“LJ”) James’ radiant face as she watches her Deaf grandmother, Tammie (Sharpton) Kelley, telling the story of Deaf Cinderella and signing De...Read More

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