Have You Ever Seen?

More resource from ASL Rose! This time it’s a retired children’s book from a Deaf perspective, with ASL handshapes provided by a creative team who are Deaf and hearing CODAs. The long title was ...Read More

PB is Crying With Rain

This Primary Building (PB) is crying along with a lot of rain this past week, and the forecast for the next two weeks is more rain. PB says it wants to look and feel healthy and great again. So far, $...Read More

My Project From My Wood Classes at GSD

This is one of my projects that I made from my vocational (Wood) classes at Georgia School for the Deaf when I was in my sophomore year. Back then in 1980s, GSD required all sophomore students to take...Read More

Hardcover Edition Ran Out

Deaf Cinderella wants to notify you all that the copies of Deaf Cinderella hardcover edition ran out recently. There are a few copies of softcover edition left right now. So more copies will be ordere...Read More

Sallie Jo Donated $20

Yay! Sallie Jo (Kirk) Brown, an alumni of Georgia School for the Deaf, donated $20! Why is it important to have a Deaf Culture immersion at a school? Find out…♥️ [Video Transcript] Sallie Jo: Hi...Read More


A perfect theme to honor black people on Martin L. King, Jr.’s birthday today. It’s about Chubbtown, the Chubb family and the connection to GSD and Deaf people. Video length: almost 8 minutes ♥️...Read More

Scout Hut

A scout hut on the property of the Georgia School for the Deaf was named after the graduate of Maryland School for the Deaf because of his love and involvement in scouting over the years. Watch the vi...Read More

Swimming Pool in Cave Springs

Wanna see one picture from the Deaf Cinderella book showing a place that is exactly same as where I am standing right now? Cave Spring’s world natural spring swimming pool! ♥️ [Video Transcript] Adoni...Read More

Please Help Make Dream Come True

Isn’t it gorgeous? ♥️ —— Please help make dream come true of purchasing and turning the PB into three divisions: the future National Deaf Schools Museum, a new home for GSD Museum and a studio/store f...Read More

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