Lifetime Friends And Precious Memories at Gallaudet University

For those who are getting ready to start studying at the college, you will NEVER find a Deaf liberal arts college anywhere that offer you lifetime friends and precious memories that will last forever!...Read More

Deaf Cinderella Made New Friends

Deaf Cinderella enjoyed making new friends with the story characters from the other authors’ children’s books. The authors and I shared something in common – that when we write our stories, we b...Read More

Everyone Counts for Census

Thank you, Dianna Edwards, for inviting me to be a model of Everyone Counts for Census. And Sheila C. Parker for your wonderful interpreting service. Looking forward to see the pictures and videos soo...Read More

Our Famous Opening Introduction

Enjoy our famous opening introduction! And do we hear that we will see y’all tomorrow? Cedartown friends…hope to see y’all too! Your support is VERY appreciated! Again, any monies collected go t...Read More

On The Corner of GSD

On the corner of GSD-Class of 1988…again, we hope to see y’all there! See what we say in end of the video! So…? ♥️ Event: GSD-Class of 1988 “THE MOVIE” (Untitled for now but will be named ...Read More

Temperature at Home of ASL Rose

See the temperature at home of ASL Rose (Cave Spring, GA) at the sunset! Love it! ♥️ [Video transcript] Adonia: Hello, I’m at this place which is home of ASL Rose, and take a look what time and ...Read More

Our Infamous Opening Lines

We would love to see y’all there, too! Hope so! ♥️ Yes, here’s our infamous opening lines in our past and present GSD-Class of 1988 videos: “Hi, I am Judy Hayes (demonstrating her sign name) and I was...Read More

West Cinema Movie Theater in Cedartown, GA

We are planning for the upcoming GSD-Class of 1988 event next month, and everyone is welcome! Hope to see y’all there! ♥️ [Video Transcript] Judy: Hello! I’m Judy Hayes (demonstrating name sign)...Read More