Deaf Schools

Purchase PB for the National Deaf Schools Museum

It would be one of BEST lifetime gifts for ASL Rose: The purchasing of PB for the National Deaf Schools Museum, GSD Museum and ASL Rose Studio/Store! View the video and see one of reasons why we shoul...Read More

Almira C. (Peugh) Carruthers

This gravestone belongs to Almira C. (Peugh) Carruthers and her husband James Carruthers. Almira was one of early GSD students when GSD opened in 1846. She was the only female student in class. Before...Read More

GSD’s First Graders in 1976

This is a picture of GSD’s first graders at the very same building – the Primary Building (PB) in the fall of 1976. I know almost all of those GSD students had stories and fond memories of that ...Read More

Sandra Evers Donated $1000

Whooooo hoooo!!! Sandra Evers, a stellar graduate of Georgia School for the Deaf, just donated $1,000! See the video what her benefits are for her donation. ♥️ [Video Transcript] Adonia: Hello! I want...Read More

Rose Hawley Donated Deaf Cinderella Book To Library

Nice to see the pictures from Rose Hawley showing the Thank You card she received from a librarian! Rose donated a copy of Deaf Cinderella book to the library at Eastern North Carolina School for the ...Read More

Scott Ward Donated $100

Scott Ward just donated $100. Here is another trivial question for reaching $100:  A certain Deaf founder proposed the bill to establish a Deaf school, but unexpectedly passed away from a heart attack...Read More

Help Deaf School Museum To Happen- Donate!

Did you know that the Primary Building, once a part of the Georgia School for the Deaf (GSD) campus, has been abandoned since the late 1990s? For many years since then, it has attracted all kinds of m...Read More

I donated $100

Here’s my selfie. I just donated $100.00. ♥️ And the first trivial question for first $100 is this:   Which state came up first with an idea of having a Deaf school that was supposed to be estab...Read More

Jump High for ASL Rose

Baylee says, “Look how HIGH I jumped for ASL Rose to reach the ultimate goal! Guess what it is?” Get ready for Tuesday’s Giving Back activities…stay tuned! ♥️ Photo Credit: Beth Padgett Mitchell...Read More